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New Year Wishes from Reflex At this time of the year up and down the Country, Companies and Public Bodies are announcing their New Year’s resolutions and predictions for 2019. This year again at Reflex we are not but, would like to wish all our clients, consultants and candidates a Happy New Year and hope it will be a dry and prosperous one!!

16/12/2016 - We here at Reflex would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Thank you to all those we have had the pleasure in working with this year!


14/12/2016 - We are excited to welcome our Mascot Hector wearing his Reflex bow tie. He is only 5 months old and owned by our apprentice Demi. Look out for more posts on Hector on our Website!


10/11/2016 - We have a new team member here at Reflex! We are pleased to welcome Adam, who will be leading up our SAP Team.

10/10/2016 - We are pleased to welcome Demi to the company, who will be taking over from Charley who has completed her apprenticeship with us.

18/08/2016 - As a reward to the team, we took a trip up to London! We had a great time on a speedboat and also went for a lovely meal.


21/04/2016 - On this day, Reflex would like to wish Her Majesty a very happy 90th Birthday. Our longest-reigning monarch has lived through some extraordinary times, from World War II to the moon landing, the end of the Cold War and advent of peace in Northern Ireland. Happy Birthday M’am!


23/03/2016 - All of us here at Reflex would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!Christmas

18/12/2015 – The team here at Reflex celebrated a very colourful Text Santa Day and everyone wore their festive knits to raise money for charity. Happy Holidays!


07/12/2015 - The list of consultants keeps growing - Adam attended his REC course and will now be the consultant in charge of Sussex!

08/10/2015 – We had a great time in London - sightseeing in The Shard and a wonderful meal afterwards. London

25/09/2015 - We are extremely pleased to welcome 2 new consultants, Rebecca and Rachel, who will be looking after the Hampshire and Kent divisions!

14/09/2015 - We here at Reflex are pleased to welcome our newest apprentice, Charley!

02/09/2015 - We've done it again: we have a new team member here at Reflex! We are pleased to welcome Tavis, who will be working under our Director.

30/08/2015 - We are pleased to announce that Josh has completed his apprenticeship, earning a Level 2 Business Admin qualification! He will now be working under one of our senior consultants.

20/03/2015 – The Reflex Team gathered outside at 9:30am to catch a sighting of the Solar Eclipse but was embraced with an abnormal level of darkness in the morning while the sun remained hidden behind a blanket of cloud. We are going to have to wait till August 12th, 2026 for another "deep" partial eclipse sighting that will be visible in the UK.

13/03/2015 – The Reflex Team dressed in red to celebrate Comic Relief Day 2015. The Team brought a range of food into the office that showcased red from Maltesers, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberries, Kit Kat and Cherry Bakewells. Food was demolished and as a team we raised plenty of money and all for a good cause :-)

02/02/2015 – Last Friday, the Reflex team put pedal to the metal at a Local Go-Karting track, the top three racers, were as follows:

  1. Stephen
  2. Adam
  3. Marc

Congratulations Guys!

29/01/2015 – The Reflex team is expanding quickly! We’d like to welcome our newest colleague Jordan who will be working under one of our senior consultants.

24/12/2014 – The team here at Reflex would like to wish all our clients and candidates a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

18/12/2014 - Just got back from our Christmas meal, all feeling very satisfied and full up, thanks to The Blenchingly Arms for being lovely hosts!

15/10/2014 - – Reflex grows again! We’d like to welcome Adam to the team who will be working under one of our senior consultants.

30/09/2014 - Reflex would like to welcome their newest employee Josh! Who is an apprentice at the company.

20/06/2014 - The morning after England are officially knocked out of the World Cup 2014. Onwards and upwards! I think everybody in the office is counting down the days till UEFA Euro 2016. So, time to replace these emotions and aim towards further placements this month!

28/05/2014 - Reflex team grows again!!! Due to the demand from our existing and new clients, we have grown the team again and would like to welcome Kelly to the team, she will be supporting two Recruitment Consultants to help them boost their portfolios…

13/02/2014 - We are a busy here at Reflex and business is booming and as a result the team has grown again. We would like to welcome Stephen to the team; he will be supporting one of our senior consultants.

05/02/2014 - The weather is looking horrible as we look out of the window the rain its pouring down and the wind is blowing umbrellas inside out. Redhill is being flooded again massive puddles blocking the roads. Do take care out there !!!!

31/01/2014 - Here at Reflex we like to do our bit for Charity and today we are supporting the RNLI SOS day with a dress down day. You can only wear casual if you donate as much as you can, so off comes our business dress and on comes jeans and t-shirts.

02/01/2014 - Reflex would like to wish all their clients,consultants and candidates a very Happy New Year and hope it will be a prosperous one !!!!

24/12/2013 - Wow that was an interesting journey to work today - puddles everywhere, trees down, cars, lorries stuck in deep flood water, and to make it even worse outside Reflex’s office the road is shut due to very deep flood water and cars blocking the way. Most of our Consultants made it to the office - Not even the weather can stop us working!!!

04/12/2013 - Reflex is getting in to the Christmas spirit with the decorations going up and our monitors being decorated with tinsel and fairy lights, tree decorated and Secret Santa on the way!!! Mince pies, Chocolates on the desk - that’s not going to help our diets but hey its Christmas !!!!

28/10/2013 - Reflex has a new home!!! We are still based in Redhill but have moved to bigger offices ….nice, smart high tec office with a loads of room and nice shiny new desks and to celebrate the office move we have expanded our staff and would like to welcome Joe, Nicol and Marc to the team.

21/10/2013 - Reflex is moving office at the end of the week, we have removal boxes stacked up around the office ready for the big move. The office is looking more like a storage room rather than an office, but even though we are surrounded by boxes and mayhem we are still busy working away - nothing stops our consultants making sales !!!!! Going to be sad leaving this office as we have been here a number of years but we have out grown it and need to stretch our legs…

22/07/2013 - With today being the hottest day of the year with temperatures hitting 32c, our air conditioning cannot cope so has decided to go and sunbathe, so Ice creams all round!!!

29/04/2013 - Reflex had a very successful month last month and the Directors of Reflex decided to treat the team to an evening at the Lingfield Races in a very nice Director box right over the finishing line.. Plenty of bets being paced who’s going to come out on top??? Lots of cheers and groaning, and ripped up slips and to help us get over the disappointment of losing the sun was with us all evening!!

26/04/2013 - Last month (March 2013) was the busiest for 12 months in terms of placing more Permanent and Contract IT Professionals. Looking back in our records for the last 3 years, in each and every case, the month of March has been the most productive for new IT placements!!

05/04/2013 - HMRC has today published further information on IR35 in the form of a set of FAQs. This can be downloaded from HMRC’s website:

30/01/2013 - A new survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) shows that more than half of employers are planning to hire more permanent staff in 2013. According to the latest monthly “JobsOutlook”, a survey of 600 employers.

17/01/2013 - The Weather forecasters got it right the UK would be covered in a blanket of snow today and here in Redhill it hit just as we were all starting our commute to work!!! We all arrived safely but kept one eye on our PC and the other out the window as the flakes of snow got bigger and heavier and the cars were disappearing under a blanket of snow Reflex decided to close the office early and all work from home!!!

03/12/2012 - Reflex get into the Christmas Spirit. It’s that of year when the Christmas decorations are dusted off and out of their box … The office is looking very Christmassy, decorations on the celling and xmas trees and fairy’s on the windows and not to forget our monitors and desk are decorated with tinsel, lights and Christmas trees and even the printers have not escaped the Christmas spirit with dancing Santa and Snowman!!!

08/11/2012 - The REC and KPMG Report on Jobs published today, announces that permanent placements across all sectors has risen at the fastest rate for 17 months and that the growth of contact billings accelerated to an 18 month high!

19/10/2012 - One of the little trumpeted facts is that the private sector has created over a million new jobs in the last year. With further public sector staff losses to come, many are calling on politicians to holding back on further regulation and recognise that the recruitment industry is a significant contributor to economic growth and job creation and allow it play its part unhindered.

18/09/2012 - With talk of off payroll contractors in the press we support the REC and the Interim Management Association (IMA) who have argued against any knee-jerk regulatory response and underlined the crucial benefit to employers of being able to quickly deploy highly skilled executives on short-term contracts.

16/08/2012 - Can Britain’s official statistics be correct? Yesterday it was announced that more people were working in Britain for over a year but that national economic output or GDP has fallen which is contradictory. Perhaps Britain’s economy is actually doing better than the national economic output statistics show or that GDP has been mismeasured - Let’s hope so!

03/08/2012 - The nation has been griped with the buzz and excitement of the Olympics this week and we have another week to go – How many Gold medals can we get??? This week has been a good week for Team GB we are finally creeping up the medal table and are having a bit of a gold rush!!!! Today Athletics starts so all eyes are on our Athletes’, especially Jennifer Ennis for the women’s heptathlon can she qualify…… Come on Team GB can we get more gold’s today???…

25/07/2012 - Today we joined the growing number of Executive Search Firms to sign up to the David Voluntary Code of Conduct. This highlights the important role that Executive Search Firms play in supporting their clients to increase the proportion of women on their boards.

20/07/2012 - What an exciting day today the Olympic torch comes to Redhill!!!! – There was a real buzz about town the crowds we gathering waving their Flags, Children having their faces painted with the Union Jack flag. The town was packed with people lining the streets waiting for the torch to arrive…

28/05/2012 - No Cookies on us! The new EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) has now come into force, catching many websites out. Good news - Reflex Computer Recruitment do not use or have cookies on any of our websites. So there are no Cookies on us!

11/05/2012 - HMRC's long awaited, and much hoped for, “new approach” to IR35 has finally been announced. Instead of a change in the IR35 regulations, the Government have opted to launch an IR35 test; called the HMRC’s Employment Status Indicator (ESI) tool. This tool can be used by anyone, anonymously, to see if they are “likely” to be affected by the IR35 tax regulations. The test itself can be accessed at However, HMRC stress that the results are not definitive, but are purely a risk assessment and informative tool.

22/03/2012 - Attended today's REC IT Comms Sector meeting and listened to an interesting presentation from e-skills UK (the not-for profit, employer-led organisation, licensed by the Government as the Sector Skills Council for IT & Telecoms). E-skills UK reported that during the final quarter of 2011 demand for ICT staff rose for the 9th successive quarter. This brought the total number of advertised IT positions to approximately 120,000 of which 94,000 (79%) were for permanent posts. They suggested as competition intensifies and the incidence of skills shortages increase, employers may well need to give further thought to their remuneration/overall employment package if they are to compete successfully for the prime candidates. At the end of 2011, the overall annual advertised rates and actual salaries of ICT staff were recorded, bringing potential/actual remuneration levels (for permanent employees) up to £44,300 and £39,700 per annum respectively.

08/03/2012 - Do proof your CV before sending it off! We hit the local press today who have quoted us in a front page article on poor skills regarding spelling and grammar. Hopefully we have got across the point that not that there isn't necessarily a lack of basic numeracy, spelling and grammar skills but more the case that some candidates do not recognise the importance of proof reading their CV before sending it off. Hopefully our pleas of "Quality should not be rushed and time spent proofing a CV will pay dividends" will be taken up.

10/02/2012 - How to really enjoy the snow!! This week was very eventful at Reflex – we had an absolute downpour of snow at the beginning of the week which has affected many businesses up and down the UK. Not Reflex!! Instead of being hampered by the snow and let it get in our way, we took the opportunity to make the most out of it and take one of our best clients (you know who you are) out for some fun. We started the day by driving a Land Rover at angles you couldn't believe possible!! Driving through the snowy hills, across fields and at one stage even straight through the middle of a frozen pond!! We then changed over to quad bikes and flew around the Surrey hills (most of the time sideways) in foot deep snow and round obstacle courses. We then rounded it off with a few beverages to warm up and an excellent time was had by all!! This goes to show that you don't have to let the snow stop you doing things, you just have to think of other options sometimes!! And the best thing of all is that it didn't stop us recruiting staff, another busy week in the office (when we weren't out playing in the snow) with more interviews arranged than any other single week for the past 3 months..

27/01/2012 - New Year – New Start – New Website! We have started the year with the re-branding of our website which emphasises our plans and exciting opportunities for the year ahead. 2012 for Reflex Computer Recruitment has started off with a very loud BANG! We have many vacancies and interviews being scheduled from CRM Project Managers, Senior Java Developers, Technical Authors and Helpdesk Support Technicians to name a few. It is certainly going to be a very busy and rewarding year. Register your CV, pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly and experienced consultants to help you find the right role for you. 2012 is the new you!.

17/01/2012 - Attended an excellent conference today in London called “SME – How to Grow an Exceptional Recruitment Business”, arranged by Recruitment International. The speakers were good and the facilities were superb! It lived up to the promise that it would feature an “inspiring and motivational recruitment leader alongside business enhancing service providers, each offering their advice and opinions all geared towards making your recruitment business even more successful”. The broad range of topics covered many aspects of growing a Recruitment Business. It has given our management some interesting food for thought and we hope that ideas can be incorporated into the Reflex expansion plans for 2012.

12/01/2012 - Exciting times for Reflex! We are gearing up for the imminent launch of our new Reflex website! The team is already busy working away, ironing out the kinks before the go-live date later this month, and the rest of us are eagerly awaiting the finished product. The new website coincides nicely with the future expansion plans for Reflex, with 2012 looking to be an interesting, and certainly very busy, year already.