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REC Approved CV layout for IT division

Contract Applicants

When sending your CV to Reflex as an e-mail attachment, please save it using your name [surname forename] e.g. "Jones Mark.doc"

Page 1

Personal Details:




Page 2

Overall Summary covering latest 3 years (1 Page) to include: Qualifications, foreign languages spoken and what position and work you are looking for, plus skills such as hardware, software, case tools, methodologies, databases etc (how many and months used for each).

Personal Details To include: Education, Nationality, Rate required, Car Driver etc

Subsequent Pages

Each job entry covering the last 5 years: Reverse chronological order. (If one job, break it down by an entry for each position held).

Dates From To:

Employer: Name and Location

Hardware: Hardware environment (s) of the site e.g. IBM Mainframe, HP9000 Software: Operating system environment (e.g. UNIX) followed by Software used by you at the site.

Languages Used:

Position: Work undertaken, duties and responsibilities: (What you worked on - systems in brief) (What responsibilities), What you did (i.e. what you specifically worked on, how you used the software and what you achieved)

Previous career (Older than 5 years) Summary: (2/3 lines per job, or less if many jobs). (List company and position held at each, plus a brief line about systems worked on/No details)

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