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The Screen Advert Service

Reflex Computer Recruitment offer The Screen Advert Service where there is a need for the highest quality of candidates with specific skills, within a specific time-frame but to a limited budget. This service is provided on a fixed direct cost basis with no placement fees.

In today's IT skills shortage climate, it is inevitable that first rate candidates do not remain on a Recruitment Register for any length of time, if indeed they ever get onto one. Our experience and research indicates that the very best candidates will either respond to an appealing advertisement during an active search for a career move, or be attracted whilst merely browsing through the vacancy sections of leading trade publications or job boards.

The Service in Action

Reflex Computer Recruitment will firstly agree with the Client the appropriate adverting media (i.e. Internet, Job Board, National and Trade Press) It will then design and place an agreed advertising and then handle all responses including telephone queries for more information.

All applicant responses will be acknowledged by Reflex and each suitable applicant will be telephoned. During which a pre-agreed one- page telephone report form will be completed and then forwarded by email to the Client with a copy of the candidate's own CV. The telephone report form is designed to contain a summary of those details, which the Client considers most important for the positions on offer. For example, focusing on technical skills, length of use, version and ability rating. Details of all applicants will be forwarded on a daily basis together with our applicant "tracking sheet" so the Client can clearly monitor the progress of the Screen Advert Service.

Reflex will then arrange Client interviews for selected candidates. The Client will make job offers directly to suitable applicants and Reflex will handle the rejection of all unsuitable candidates. A review meeting will then follow to ensure the Client's business objectives have been fully met.


For our Screen Advert Service we will agree full costing's with the Client prior to commence, noting for this service there is no placement fee.


At Reflex, we always aim to provide our customers with total satisfaction and therefore we are happy to offer a comprehensive two- month guarantee. In the unlikely event that one of our applicants leaves your employment for whatever reason within the first two months, then we will endeavour to supply an alternative candidate to fill the position, free of charge. As part of our recruitment exercise, we would normally request a meeting shortly after the assignment to ensure that it has been fully completed to our Client's satisfaction.

The Benefits

In summary, these are the benefits of using the Reflex Screen Advert Service for your current recruitment needs

Please do contacts us on 01737 778282 for further information.

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